I have not posted in way to freaking long. I am happy to say this blog post is about a once in a life time trip for me. It is kind of game/nerd related post.

I am excited to say that I am going to Europe in September 2017. My boyfriend Trent made one of the USA world teams for Warmachine and Hordes(WTC). We will be going to Belgium for the event and then our friends from Denmark are driving down to get us. I am super excited to see them and to go somewhere I have never gone. We turned in our application for our passports a few weeks ago and as long as nothing goes wrong there we will be all set to travel.

We will be in Belgium for four days and then we will spend about five days with our friends Ben and Line. While we are in Belgium, Trent will be either playing in the event or watching others play. Sadly I will have to find something to do during that time and see if I can make some friends during the trip. There is a good amount of things to do in Blankenberge, so I am looking forward to it. For the rest of the trip with Ben and Line we are not a 100% sure what we are all doing yet, other than we are driving up to Denmark and flying home from there.

We have talked about staying in Germany for a night on our drive to Denmark. I have wanted to go to Germany since I was like ten years old. For some reason almost all my history reports in high school were about WWII and Germany. I think part of it is I have some ancestors from Germany. Either way I am going to be very happy to just be over there to see the old buildings and taste the food!

I will be taking a bunch of photos and will do a blog post of the trip when I get back. Until then I hope you all have a great day!


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