Playing Catch Up

I have not done a blog post for about two months now. I actually haven’t thought about my blog since Lock and Load. I don’t know if it is because I don’t care or I haven’t had anything worth sharing. So, I figured I would do a post now to catch up.

First Trent and I will be attending Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon in September. This will be my first Comic Con and I am very excited. I am planning on dressing up for at least one day.  I have a couple Cosplay projects I may want to actually show off. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you know that it seems like I am working on way to many things right now. It is true, I am jumping around to a few different cosplays at the moment. I am making even more pokeballs to go with my Misty that I finished a while ago.  I have also joined the band wagon by doing Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. I am so excited for my Harley Quinn cosplay.  So far I have gotten the wig, shorts, fishnets, puddin necklace, the gun holster, the arm tattoo, the glove and the shirt. I am thinking of ideas on how to do the bat, since most cons won’t let you take a real one in. I also can’t afford her shoes and jacket right now. So I am going to just go with it and be happy with what I have.


Moving on, like a lot of other people I got into the world of Pokemon Go. I found out about the app the day it came out. Have to say the application has a ton of glitches though they have worked out a few bumps and what not. The tracking is gone which is sad but oh well. I think I would enjoy the game even more if my phone didn’t suck. If I plan to play Pokemon Go I have to charge my phone like five times within a day. That really does kill the mood to wanna play the game. The worst thing though is for some reason the app kicks me out everyonce in a while and freezes a ton. I have restarted my phone a bunch and have even deleted and downloaded the app about six times.  On the positive side of things  I joined Team Instinct. I wasn’t sure what to pick and at the time I was at work and a few people there told me I should join Instinct. Then I found out that Trent choose Mystic and now if we go to gyms together we either battle for the top lol or we take turns hahah. We live about a mile from the nearest park or gym. It is good for hatching eggs.  Hope you guys are having more fun and success with the application than I am.

I have gotten another Nerd Block Comic Block but I didn’t do a video. I was thinking since it was a Suicide Squad theme box that I should of put my wig and what not on, but I was to lazy lol. I got a Harley Quinn Funko Pop, Harley Quinn T shirt, Batman book, Doctor Strange and Sonic the Hedgehog comics. It was a nice box, the Funko Pop was my favorite part. I think this one might actually be my last one.  Maybe I will choose another brand, but for now I think it was a good run. (I saw the movie and it was great!)


Board game wise, the monthly game night is going well. Havne’t broken that goal yet, it has been close to breaking though. Something that has broke was my will to play Warmachine. Since MKIII has come out I have only played about three games. Something just clicked that is making me not wanna play. So I hope that I can either get back into the game or I am able to sell my stuff and move on.




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