Gem State Gaming Con

Hey guys!

This past weekend I went to a local gaming con where I live in Boise, Id. Since I work at a game store, I got to work at our booth in the vendor room with one of my best friends/new boss Mariah. First off we did way better than we thought we would. But I guess selling board games and card sleeves at a board game con is a good idea. lol. Some of the other vendors that were in the room turned out to be such nice and funny people. I was supposed to only work from 10-2 on Saturday but, I stayed longer because I was having too much fun. Not only were the other vendors making it a fun time, a lot of my friends and customers from my work were there. I didn’t play any games, but I did walk around a few times and checked out every room. It has differently grown since the first year.

There were many board games, a Shadows Over Innistrad pre-release, Pokemon, Guild Ball, Warhammer, Malifaux, some role playing and even Quidditch. For Quidditch it was our local Boise State team. I guess they are going to nationals, good for them. I hear it can get pretty rough like Rugby. I hope that next year that things only get better for the con.

For the vendors that I made friends with were:

Kris from                                                                                    He sold some really great smelling custom soaps, some buttons, light switch covers and some amazing art that he did himself.

Here are some of the drawings that I bought for myself. Some of his others drawings were just as great and even better. You should totally check his page out.

gem on


Next was Dave from                                                      Dave and his business partner do wood working and 3D printing. Their wood work was really nice and smooth and the 3D printing was pretty awesome. He was pretty excited when I told him I was starting to get into cosplay. He wanted to help if he could.

I have to say that sometimes you meet such amazing people in the nerd community, that it helps balance out the ass holes. Please check out their sites. They are both really nice and talented people. I hope to run into them again. I hope that I can get Kris to draw me a Captain America drawing. OMG it would be the greatest thing.(Wink Wink)Hahaha

I am a little bummed that I didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do, but it’s ok. I guess you will just have to believe that it was fun.  🙂 My next con is of course Lock and Load, I so can not wait.



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