#NerdBlock Comic Block #3

Another month another box. This month was X Men themed.  Love the shirt like normal. I still need to read the comics from last month. I have gotten behind. I have lots of time this weekend to read them if I want. I am a little sad that the extra piece was a small wall art. Although I will still put it with the rest of my nerd art I already have.

I am actually thinking of now that Hero Crate is no longer available, I am going to try loot pet when I get my refund back. Then I was thinking of switching from Comic Block to the Normal Nerd Block. It will cost a little more but I kind of what a little more then just comics. Mainly since I am behind on reading comics.

I also just wanted to say a fast good luck, have fun and be safe to the guys that went to LVO 2016. Good luck to Trent, Tanner, Caleb and Tony do well in all of their events.



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