Board Games!

  Trent and I did 12 hours of board gaming yesterday. It was such a blast. We had many people show up throughout that time to play. It was nice, when one person showed up another left. We had an average of 5 people all day. Had Trent, I, Kyle, Daniel, Melissa, Trever, Leisa and Matt. We played eight different games. Some we played many times. I am sure that this is the longest I have played board games ever. I say that because normally we take a few hours break in the past and yesterday we maybe took two breaks totally in like a half an hour. I feel like that is a win for me.
The games we played are:
red dragon inn 1       trailer park wars   king of toyko  sheriff of nottingham
one night werewolf   the resistance  wonders  machi koro
   Until this time I had never played Sheriff of Nottingham and Ultimate One Night Werewolf. I have to say they are freaking great. Along with them we played my new 7 Wonders Leaders expansion and my Machi Koro Millionaire’s Row expansion.
  Ultimate One Night Werewolf is one of my new favorite party bluffing game. It makes game play much faster and makes it harder to figure out who is who. The big reason why this game is great is because you have a time limit to talk (argue) who is going to die. So you don’t have to spend a long time talking or if you die you don’t spend an hour or less waiting. Another great thing is you can have six people playing but have nine characters out. So you have better chances of getting a new character every game. This game is so much better then Werewolf’s of Miller’s Hollow and The Resistance to me.
  The 7 Wonders Leaders Expansion is OK. We only played it once but it was weird. Some of the cards we didn’t get to use or didn’t realize what the leader did till it was too late. I am sure next time the game will be better because we will understand the cards better. For the first time attempt at this expansion it turned out to be just ok for me.
Machi Koro is the newest game to my collection, thanks to work I got the Millionaire’s Row expansion for free. Only because I will be running a tournament because we got a kit in and I needed to learn the expansion to play. Although the kit didn’t come with the tokens that it needs, we just used extra dice. It differently makes it harder to get all the cheap cards within the first few rounds and it makes the game last longer. It is still based on luck of dice and the cards you chose, but it is one of my new favorites.
Sheriff of Nottingham was great. Super easy to learn and super fun to have a reason to mess with your friends. The first game I was afraid to try to get any contraband through because I didn’t want to lose money and when I tired my bag got checked every time. After a few more games it became harder to till when people lied. My friend Trever messed with me one round and got like 4-5 contraband past me. That is because before he showed up everyone would only bribe with one or two coins and he gave me six to not look so I took it and that was a mistake. Let’s say I didn’t trust him after that lol.
The other games we just played because we all knew how to play them and it was pretty much a filler game till food was ready or more people showed up. Trailer park wars was won by Melissa. Trent won King of Tokyo, Machi Koro and Red Dragon Inn. It was a good day for Trent. Kyle won the first game of Sheriff of Nottingham.  For me I won none. I came in second place many times. I still had fun and was happy people showed up and enjoyed themselves.
I am looking forward to next time. Hopefully more people will show  so we can have many games going at once or make the bigger party games larger. This was a very successful first once a month board game day/night.

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