Welcome 2016

Happy New Years, let 2016 happen. 🙂

It is the new year and the time of making resolutions. Why not have gaming resolutions as well, right? I asked a few friends if they wanted to be a part of this  post. It is nice to know others goals to help them or to help push yourself. So, I had them give me their gaming goals. Weather it is playing, painting, buying or going somewhere. I asked them to give me their goals and explain why they choose that goal. I wish I could of chosen all my friends but, it’s a blog post and not a novel. I choose Trent of course, some of my girl friends, guys from my local warmachine meta and some guys from the Ironcast Pod Cast from the Twin Falls Meta. Let’s get started.

For me I have some pretty simple goals.                                                                    1. I want to have a board game night/day at least once a month. I know that we all have board games that we hardly play and what better way to get your moneys worth out of them.  2. Is going to sound weird but, because I haven’t played for months, I want to try to play warmachine at least once a month. So I can feel OK buying more models. lol.   3. I wouldn’t mind going to more than just Lock and Load this year. There are a few cons I am very interested in going to. They are Pax Prime, Gen Con, Girl Geek Con, Salt Lake City comicon, Emerald City comicon or Rose City comicon. 4. Blog as much as I can, so I can hopefully get more followers and put more money toward cosplay so I can actually practice and get better.

-Now to my friends, I have only maybe fixed a few things, but it is straight from them.

Trent: I want to accomplish two things this year.  I want to do the bet i ever have competitively in the game of warmachine. I plan to do this by playing the same competitive pair for every event i play in this year to ensure that I stay at the top of my game competitively.  My second goal is to apply for the WTC team this year and go if i am selected or if I am not selected then stick to the original goal set forward so that I will be able to qualify for the team next year.   

Caleb: I want to paint an average of an hour a day. I can easily take some video game time and devote it to painting. I want to win 1 local tournament (quite a feat considering the caliber of our best players here). As for cons, I would like to place in the top 1/3 at LVO(Las Vegas Open). I want to go to Lock and Load if possible and place in the top 1/3 in masters there as well.   These are all rather lofty goals but possible. They will require lots of practice and study of rules. They also require self awareness during games to play purposefully and not tunnel vision which is an ongoing issue for me. 

Kyle: Hi, my name is Kyle. This year I plan to increase my gaming quite a bit. One of my major goals is to learn my new faction (Minions: Blindwater) for Hordes and become a better player overall at Warmachine and Hordes. Another of my goals is to expand my reach on the different types of games that I play. Generally I am not much of a board game person. However, within the last year friends have been inspiring me to try new games that I would normally steer clear of. The first game I played this year was out at a local bar called Space bar that has all sorts of video games and board games as well as good drinks and a great atmosphere. The game was called Splendor and was definitely a new type of game for me. Although I thought it started out slowly, once it got moving it was quite fun and my friends and I all thoroughly enjoyed it. Games like Splendor are the reason I would like to try many new games in 2016. Along with these goals, I am also looking forward to a host of releases for Playstation 4 this year. Here is to a great new year of gaming!

Kevin:  Hello, my name is Kevin Miley. I have been playing Hordes for about a year now and have delved into the faction of Trollbloods. With the new year I have decided to set a few goals for myself in order to not only make myself a better player, but to get more involved with my local meta as well. The first goal I have set for myself is to have all of my Trollbloods painted by the end of 2016. I believe the best way for me to accomplish this paint one 50pt list at a time. Another way I will accomplish more painting is limiting the amount of time I spend on an individual model, that way I don’t get bogged down with the amount of warrior models I have. The second goal I have set for myself is to attend an event outside of my local meta. I have been to several regional tournaments and even an international event before, and I absolutely love the energy and environment when attending. The third and last goal I have set for myself is to get a deeper understanding of the game by just playing more games! I know 2016 will be a great year!

Jense:  My name is Jesse and I’m from the Twin Falls, Idaho meta, and I’m a host on the Ironcast Podcast.  Everyone has probably thought of something they wanted to try to do, play a bunch of games, paint a whole army or a few lists. So what I plan on doing Is playing 150 games with four mercenary casters. Them being Bart, Thexus, Fiona, and Ashlynn.  I selected those because I wanted a varied amount and different play styles and three of them being on the ADR is no coincidence because I want to try to go to some conventions and hopefully qualify for the masters which is a side goal of mine. Ashlynn is there because she’s super fun to play and will hopefully help me qualify. Last year I downloaded the Iron grudge app and tracked only my 50 point games, and I played a total of 120 games, So I think my resolution is a reasonable one.

Mariah: Hey, Mariah from Beaver Tails Boutique (coming soon) here. I love playing games, but with a 1 year old baby and a full time job, it makes finding time difficult. Since it is the start of the year that means it is resolution time! I have a few gaming goals this year. 1. I want to play through all the games I own. This is important to me because I want to get rid of games I don’t like, or games my husband will never play with me. This leads me to goal 2, which is to get my husband to play more games with me. He’s such an outdoorsy guy, always needing to be kept busy, so sitting and playing a game is hard for him. We’ve started pulling out our shorter/smaller games and playing them a couple times a week. Goal 3, it to play at least one new game a week, at least until we have completed playing through our collection. Then I’d like to start branching out and trying new games. I think my final goal this year will be to check out some Kickstarters and get a game from one! I have one coming from last year which I am super excited about El Alamein, but I want something different, something out of my comfort zone!

Steven: Hey there. It’s me, Steven. You might know me by the sound my golden locks make when the cries of my opponents flow through my hair. 2015 was a great gaming year for me and my local Warmachine meta. We all took our first steps out of our local scene and into a greater tournament scene. My personal game tally for the year was 102 games with 63 being wins, and 39 losses. Nestled in those 102 games was a paltry 16 games that I played with my favorite warlock, Void Seer Mordikaar. My record was 10-6 with most of those losses coming from tournament play. Being that I focus on the competitive aspects of the game, I am looking to improve in that department. The way I am going to go about it in 2016 is by playing 100 games with Mordikaar. Playing almost as many games with one caster as I did all of last year is a bit of a tall order, but I have the drive, competitive mindset, and love of playing him to get it done. All of the competitive minded players in my local meta have similar goals for 2016, so lets see if the old adage ‘iron sharpens iron’ rings true. Skorne OP 2016!

Kylie: My 2016 gaming goals are centered around painting and playing! I think playing with fully painted models helps to make a game that much more fun! Seeing how I just backed, yet another, Super Dungeon Kickstarter I want to take the time to finish painting the models I already own. My goal by the end of 2016 is to have a standard demo set fully painted for Super Dungeon Explore. That is about 4-5 spawning points worth of monsters and 4-5 heroes. I think having these models painted will also encourage to try and get out there to play more!

Ben: My hobby goal for 2016 is participate in a tournament with a fully painted Retribution army.

I enjoyed reading their goals. Even if they had some what similar goals they were all unique in their  ways. I wish them all the best of luck and thank you for being a part of my blog. So, what are your goals?


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