Monthly Boxes

We all know that monthly boxes are becoming a thing now. Why not they are pretty cool. I signed up for Nerd Block and Geek Fuel.

So far I have only gotten my welcome box and my November box from Nerd Block. The welcome box was pretty cool, but I am super happy with my Comic Box I got. I got two Star Wars, a Pacific Rim  and a Howard the Duck comic.  I also got a Bat Girl shirt and a Thor hammer’s key chain. This box made me excited to get another box. I do suggest Nerd Block Comic Block. It is one of their cheapest ones and after one box I am super happy. For $13.99 plus shipping you get a good amount of stuff. I am still waiting on my Geek Fuel boxes, hopefully they will be here soon.


There are a few others I wanna try out to, but you can only have so much money, right. LOL. But if I could try all I would choose besides the two I did already it would be;  Loot Crate, Bark Box, Tea Sparrow, Ipsy, Game Box and Collectible Geek. What are the boxes you guys are wanting or are currently getting?

Here is the video of my 2nd Nerd Block. Be warned that this video is a wreck, like me just saying F it and posting it anyway. I can’t wait till I get a new computer and webcam. One day I will be able to edit videos and have a clear lens. So, once again sorry about the shitty video, was done with my I Pad again lol.



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