Butcher 3 By Trent Bates

The Butcher Unleashed: Tactics and Strategy with Butcher3 


My amazing boyfriend Trent got asked to write an article for handcannononline.com about Butcher 3 from Emanuel Class (Bloodrath).  He was pretty excited to see it be published online this morning. Warmachine and Hordes is his favorite hobby/game, from the building and painting to the strategies and the people who bring play this great game. He loves and enjoys it so much I like to joke around and say he loves it more than me. I know it’s not true (hopefully). Lol. I am very proud of him for not just having a hobby that makes him happy, but a hobby that he’s good at and works hard at. At times it does get a little annoying how much him and our friends talk about warmachine and hordes, but it’s what he’s passionate. Mainly I get a little annoyed because working at a game store that is all that I talk hear about all day.

I am glad that Emanuel came to our meta.  I love our meta, the guys in it have become some of my closet friends. Our press gangers (Chris and Mike) are super helpful and make sure that our meta always has something to do.                                    Sorry I didn’t get to talk with you, hope you had fun in Boise. I hope that your meta is as fun and pretty close net as ours. Some of the guys has really helped me stay in the game.



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