Types of Nerds

I started an eight man fantasy football league with some of my warmachine buddies. We have Mariah, Nick, Tanner, Victor, Trever, Rick, Trent and I. I am excited that we are doing this. I was on a league last year with people I didn’t know and it was a little weird. No one talked or traded. So I am happy I am doing this with people I see on the regular. The shit talking has already started and it’s great.

Also this leads me to stereotypes. Psh, sometimes they suck, am I right? But it happens, we are human. Most people think nerds and geeks live in their mom’s basement and never leave the house or what not. I have learned that it depends on the type of nerd/geek, as far as what game they play.

Me, I love board games, warmachine, DnD, Call of Duty and have even played WoW in the past. It sucks your life away, lol.  I love the outdoors as well. I would give up a gaming day to go hiking or go swimming. Most of my friends are like that as well. Makes me happy Trent and I will choose taking our dog to the park instead of playing a game.

Working at a game store I have seen all types of nerds and geeks. Like I said, earlier in this post it all depends on the type of games they play and sometimes just the type of person they are beyond gaming.

When I first started working here it was very interesting. My first week almost 3 years ago,  this guy was at the counter with product in his hands, looking like he was ready to check out. I walked up and asked if he was ready and I shit you not, he set his games down and walked out the store. It blew my mind. Then a couple of weeks after that, I was walking around seeing if anyone needed help finding games and this one guy yelled “No”  and ran to the other side of the store when I asked him. It was super weird and to this day I still can not believe that either of those times really happened. I didn’t think I was that scary.  To be fair I guess it had been a while since a girl had worked at the store and some people are super shy. I would rather deal with the super shy guys than the ass holes though. I have had some encounters with them. Somtimes I can say the same thing to a customer that one of my male co workers has and they will act like I dont know what I’m talking about. Really, I just said that. Getting treated like you don’t know anything makes me so angry. It’s mostly the older guys or just some douche who thinks he’s gods gift to gaming. I have had some people say “I only work here because I am the owners daughter or wife”. The person who said that line came in looking for eight different board games. I knew all of them but one and he started giving me an attitude. Come on people, I wouldn’t be working here if I didn’t know board games, card games, table miniature games or Roleplaying games. It is a store that you need to know the types of product to work there. I have worked at many other stores and a clothing store you really don’t need to know much about what your selling!  Some people just like to make others feel bad I guess.

I have also been hit on, more so when I was single. Being a single girl in a game store, word gets around fast. Of course I had my eye on Trent. lol. Every once in a while I will still get hit on or someone will mistake my kindness for flirting. If that happens I tend to find some way to bring Trent into the conversation. It is cute how some of the guys ask you out or try to see if you are single.  I had one guy just straight up ask if I was married and when I said no, he asked me on a date. Sorry just because I am not married doesn’t mean I am single. My favorite is when people come in the store and are super nice, so then we end up talking for thirty minutes about different games.  I can go on and on about how I get treated good or bad, but it’s a blog post not a novel. It is a post about different types of gamers.

Over the years I have noticed that miniature war gamers are the cleanest and take care of them selves the most. Not that I am saying others don’t, but this is just from what I have seen in the years I have worked at the game store and the years I was a customer. About 90% of the Warmachine and Hordes players seem to be the nicest and the cleanest looking. But from time to time, I have seen some of the worst sore losers and sore winners play minture games.

Speaking of sore losers, I have seen a Magic player that almost flipped a table because he lost. Didn’t matter that there were other games being played on it. A  40k player who threw his army in the trash/ gave  beause he lost. Role players giving away or throwing away dice because they were rolling bad. Some card players take losing so bad that they quite the game and go to another one. I won’t lie, I can be a sore loser sometimes also. I have thrown an X-box controller before because I did so bad in Call of Duty.

Card gamers are mixed. A lot of them play more than one game. But from stories  about other game stores is the US and the times here, Yu-Gi-Oh tends to have some kids that do not like to listen or do not take care of the place they are playing at. I read about one store that banned Yu-Gi-Oh because they were putting poop on the walls or just trashing the place. Pokemon, you would think it is more for childern, but we have a large group of adults who play. It is still nice that adults still find enjoyment in card games.  But, it is still a little weird when you see a 40-50 year old dude playing Pokemon with 8-10 year old kids and no they are not related. Magic players are hit and miss. I used to play Magic a lot and there are really nice and awesome people who play. But I have notice that Magic and 40k players whine the most.

Board gamers, there are to many different people who play its hard to say they have a group of their own. I know some poeple who just play board games and others that play them on the side. Some online gamers I have met are either lazy or really chill. No matter what game that is being played you always have those individuals that look and smell like they have not showered or washed their clothes in a week. I mean come on it really shouldn’t be that hard to change or take a quick bath. No matter what, it doesn’t matter how many different people are in a building when it gets hott it starts to smell sweaty.

Besides all that,  I enjoy to be able to see all the  new games and models that come in. I am not even close to knowing all them, there are just way to many of them. Our store alone has over 47,000 different items and it would be insane to know all of them or to have played all of them. It is fun trying though.


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