Video Fail/ No Idea

Random Rant Time.

I am super sad.  I have tried many times to post the video of my friends Mike and Chris were playing Star Wars Armada, but Word Press and Facebook both wouldn’t let me. I even trimmed it down so it could fit and it never loaded. Sad face here. Word Press said it was the wrong file and Facebook said it was too long. I used my I Pad and it wasn’t the greatest but it came out ok. I sat for 46 mins recording for nothing. Oh well, I guess I will have to try again soon, but with a better camera.  Could try YouTube also.

IMG_1109                     IMG_1108

By the way Mike won by a few points.

Now trying to come up with a different blog post. Hmmmmm. (Ideas running around in head)

I am almost done with Emma Frost, Just need the cape and shoes to be done. I am also working on another project right now that involves Warmachine, but I wanna see how it turns out before I post about it. It could turn out bad.

Also WTC is this weekend. Some of my friends are trying to get together to watch some of it. Either live or recorded. My friend Ben is on Team Denmark, Go Ben hope he does well and Happy Birthday!


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