Journeyman League


My local store had a journeyman league July 6th- August 16th. I am posting few days before it ends. So far we have about 25 people signed up. Seeing a lot of new players and players that never come out anymore. It’s good to see all the smiling faces.

Our awesome press gangers Chris and Mike have set for it:

week 1: battle box

week 2: 15 Points

week 3: 25 points

week 4: 25 points with caster swap

week 5: 35 points with caster swap

week 6: 35 points where it becomes unrestricted

Like most leagues we have done before and I am sure everywhere else, you have to choose one of the battle boxes that is listed in the rules. I of course choose my lovely Protectorate of Menoth and I choose Grand Scrutator Severius’ box. It has him, a reckoner and a Templar. You bet when I can caster swap I will use Durst or Feora.

So far the first official game night during the league went great. So many smiling faces came to try to kick some butt. Like I said we have about 25 people signed up so far on the list. This is the list of what is on the league score sheets that have been filled out.

Convergence 1

Cryx 2

Ret 2

Skorne 1

Khador 2

Menoth 2

Circle 3

Legion 3

Mercs 1

Minions 1

Trolls 1

Cygnar 4

Cephylx (Mercs)1

Week 2-went off what seemed a little slow, but picked up and went off with a bang. I took a small trip up to my dads so Trent and I missed 4 days of week two. So I had to get in my games the day before I left. Which was easy since it was only 25 points. I only got in one game.

Week 3- I did not end up playing any games. I was a Slacker.

Week 4- I only played one game and lost it. Better than week 3 but not as good as 1. I am in the works of painting my second Reckoner through, almost done. I am either starting on either the Hierophant or Durst next.

Week 5- Is 35 Points Caster Swap. Finished my Reckoner. I played no games. Sad face. My fault again.

Week 6- 35 Points Unrestricted. Excited about this. No more Templar and hello double Reckoner, cause why not lol. Two have been going well for me so far. Let’s hope I will get in some games this week.

Like every other league by the end it died down. Just didn’t see as many smiling faces on warmachine and hordes nights or Sundays. It happens every time. Life happens, people get bored or they don’t have enough models to play higher points, so I understand. I paid for the league but did not play many games or paint much, so I don’t have much room to talk. It’s Just weird that the first two to three weeks are always super busy and there are lots of games to play, then things slowly die down and you end up playing the same people over and over every week. But who doesn’t like play some of the same people over and over. Lol. It happens and there isn’t much to do if your meta doesn’t grow fast.  Which I’m not sure any meta would go from 20-100 fast. That just seems crazy.

Also some of you might think Trent and I play all the time but we don’t. I become a major sore loser against him or I question if I really won on my won. Oh relationships aren’t they grand. Haha. Just messing. But for real against him I am a sore loser. I just can’t help it sometimes. He’s good and I know it. He could assassinate my caster three different ways and I wouldn’t know it till it happened. I need to pay more attention to my surroundings doing a game.

I like signing up for leagues and events for the swag. Who doesn’t like swag. I have to decorate my sweet battle foam bag some how. I could do it with pins but I don’t wanna punch holes in my bag yet and I also don’t have the sweet pin backs that lock so they won’t fall off.  Along with the chain mail leggings for Nicia, I need to get the lock pin backs.

Last thing, Chris and Mike are having a young bloods event August 15 ( My birthday) and I hope they get a pretty good turn out. New players if you wanna learn and have fun, you should come this event. Chris and Mike will be there to help and to answer questions. There isn’t a better way then to go head first and get as many games in that you can. I have been told that tournaments are a good way to place other faction and people, along with getting used to death clock and scenarios. Those two are the main thing when it comes to a tournament. So if you live in the Boise, Idaho area and are new, don’t be afraid and come on down.    –  Is the link to the event! Enjoy!


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