Zombie Role Playing

imageI finally started my zombie/zombicide rpg game. I made up a nice little story about how it all started and that they needed the help of my friends who joined my campaign. The government wanted to create a  biological  weapon and it turned into an insane  breakout. The worlds only hope is to get  patient X (a.k.a. Brad) across two states so Dr. Wayne can make a  vaccine  and hopefully save as many people as he can. Will we make it or will the world turn into chaos and lose all hope.

The friends that are in it are: Chris, Tanner, Kylie, Kyle and of course Trent. I had the game start in the game store were they had nothing on them. Trent spent the first mission trying to pop and or steal Kyle’s giant soccer ball he got from the soccer shop next to the game store. Chris was to worried about getting a sweet new shirt, Tanner wanted the Soccer net and Kylie was trying to find useful things. It was a fun and confusing for the first meeting.

I didn’t really like trying to add a RPG part to Zombicide so I  created a character sheet. And I’m going to try to do it like a regular RPG but use the zombie models from Zombicide.

I know that there are actual zombie RPGs out there. But I wanted to created something and if it works it works if not at least I tried. Everyone seems pretty excited. Their characters are going to have a weakness that gives a -1 to a stat and a  compulsion that affects their stats and maybe equipment space.  Everyone has the same starting health and speed. Everyone will roll a D3 to get a +1, +2 or a +3 to their stats and then when it comes time to using their stats they roll a D6 and add their  bonus to it. I’m hoping this is going to work better than the first time. It seems easier and more  fair. Post more later after we make new characters and start our way into the sewers to hide from any  enemies and the infected.

Wish us good luck on our journey to save the world from the new zombie infection!


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