I wanted to talk about the sweet warmachine and hordes pins. Like many others I love them. I am trying to get all the protectorate ones that I can. I have a good amount currently. I just need an alt Kreoss and the new Tristan one when it comes out. I do have some sweet rare ones also. I am happy about that. I wish I could go to all the cons to buy and trade for new ones. The newest one in my collection is the Cryx Cereal pin.

When I went to Lock and Load this year I had to trade one of my bodger pins I got from Lock and Load 2014. It makes me sad but I hope I can get it back and continue to add to my collection. And At one point I had both strikers, zombie Haley and both sorscha couple of others. I traded/gave away a couple. Every time I get a Khador one I just gave it to Trent, hes special lol. Anyways I wanted to show off my collection and talk nonsense. 

I hope you all that have read my blog enjoyed it and continue to enjoy it.  Please if you have any comments, questions or ideas for posts don’t be afraid to ask. Please follow 🙂


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