Polls and Questions?

I decided to do a poll and a few questions in my meta’s Facebook group. Granted many of the people in this group live in different places. I just wanted to get an idea of what where the most popular factions. I also wanted to know how often people play. Not everyone gave me their answer, but I know most of the guys. I added the numbers for the ones who play but either don’t use Facebook or didn’t answer.

Main faction ( For the amount of people who actually responded to the poll. Which wasn’t that many. Oh well.)

Skorne-Faction-PatchSkorne 7

Troll_PatchTrollbloods 7

Circle_PatchCircle of Orboros 3

Legion_PatchLegion of Everblight 5

Cygnar_PatchCygnar 11

menothProtectorate of Menoth 5

Khador-Faction-PatchKhador 5

cryxCryx 6

retRetribution of Scyrah 4

cyConvergence of Cyriss 2

I do have to say that Cygnar takes the cake. I feel they are like space marines for 40k. Everyone knows who they are. I really thought there would have been more Legion players because I feel I see a lot of people playing them in tournaments. Also I wanna say it was a bummer I had to leave mercenaries and minions out because it only let me have so many answers. Then again its funny when people joke around and say they are not real factions.

After seeing the poll I am disappointed.  Everyone was so willing to answer, yet I hardly see people playing on the regular. I see a good amount of people coming in and buying models and when I ask them where they play it’s mostly at home. Thursday’s and Sundays are our game stores Warmachine and Hordes night. It’s a bummer but you can’t make people be social and play if they dont want to! I hope that they use the Facebook to try to get in games someday though, that is what it is for 😃.   I mean can’t we all be Warmachine and Hoards buddies?


Here are the other questions I asked.

1. What is your secondary faction?

2. On average how many games do you play in a month?(Not including tournaments)

3. How comfortable do you feel playing in local tournaments?

4. How willing are you to play in non local tournaments? If so how far are you willing to Travel? (Such as cons and special events)

5. Do you enjoy the game or the hobby part of the game more?

My answers!

1. Personally I don’t have a secondary faction.

2. I recently have been playing about two games per week, so thats about 8 games a month. Unless I take another break and don’t play for a month or two. 

3. I sometimes feel uncomfortable in tournaments. I know I am not going to get in the top three. I hope that one day I can. I can sometimes be a sore loser, just because lately I have won one out of six games in the past month. During my game stores tournament I was tabled the first two rounds and sadly it didn’t make it fun for me anymore, so I dropped. I am not sure if that is normal, but I am proud of myself for even trying to be in a tournament.

4. & 5. Non local tournaments, I have only done one so far and about to do my second.  Saturday June 27th in Twin Falls, Idaho is another non local tournament. It went well. 32 people showed up. I placed 26th and Trent placed 1st. We only played four rounds. On the 5th round Trent and Trever played a dice game to see who won instead of playing a game because it was already 830/9pm.  I won one game which was against Tony from my meta. I killed Denny1 on her feat turn. I caught her on fire with the zealots and in his turn fire didn’t go out and I rolled like a 7 or something. Then on my turn one of my reckoners got just close enough to shoot and finished her off with about 13 damage. Thanks you choir, eye of menoth and focus. I almost won against Haley2 but I clocked myself. Lol. I had fun, played all rounds which is a first and I was only nervous till first round started.

For everyone else’s answers. I got most people had a second faction. There were about four people who did not have one. The amount of games everyone plays in a month was very different. The lowest amount was about once a month. The most was about twenty games in a month. Some people just play with one or two buddies mostly, which is good for them. At least they get practice in. Most people played about 5-12 games a month. Which is pretty good.

 To the people who answered. I understand it’s not always the easiest thing to play all the time, but some peoples answers were short which left me with more questions than answers. Next is if you play in tournaments. About 95% of people I know feel comfortable with playing in them, some were meh but would play anyways, and then a couple said they did not wanna be included in a tournament local or otherwise.  The guys in the Meta were comfortable, all but a few were willing to do non local tournaments and ok with traveling a good ways away from Boise/Idaho.

The hobby or game aspect.  I got about 2/3 of the meta likes both parts. Then the ones who didn’t play much or had no interest in tournaments said they liked the hobby more. The few who said they like the game more said its because they don’t feel they are very good at painting but enjoy putting models on the table.

All in all I’m happy with the people who answered. I wanna say thank you again to all that were willing to give me good answers.  I would also like to say that the one word replys I got made it very difficult in some cases to include them. 


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