Gaming Weekend

For the first time in a long time I got to game all weekend and it was not a con Thursday-Sunday

Thursday was our stores Warmachine and Hordes game night. I played Durst. I did not win but it was a lot fun playing him. I played Chris and he was playing Ret. I failed an assassination on his caster and left him with three points. But his feat had my jacks up to armor 24. Next time I will win against Ret.

Friday Trent and I had Kyle and Chris over to play my Zombicide Kickstarter. It was a lot of fun. We thought the mission was going to be super easy at first. Then we read the mission again and realized that it wasn’t. We had to trigger all the tiles before being able to reach the exit. I reached yellow and orange a little fast so the zombies were coming out like crazy. In the end we won. W made sure every move each one of us did would help the whole team. Team work is key! Kyle offered to paint a couple of heroes for me that was in my kickstarter. Here is his blog post about it.

IMG_2187      IMG_2185

I think that Kyle did a good job and he said that they were fun to paint. He also liked that it was a change from painting nothing but Warmachine and Hordes models.

blogger-image-456362681             blogger-image--2000814232

Saturday I had a girls night in at my house. It was a smaller group but it was a freaking blast. Games, girly movies, food and drinks. I can not remember the name of the game that Jess showed us how to play but it was fun and it was with a normal deck of playing cards. Then we played Scheming and Skulking a tick taking game. We got into it. Yelling at each other and the cards,it was a good time. Girls game night will happen again so more of the girls that couldn’t make it can.

On Sunday Trent and I went to Lowes to buy a 4×4 board so we can build our own table for our house. Neither of us thought maybe taking a car to Lowes was not a good idea. Thankfully Kyle came to help. I felt like a dork. After that we went to the store to meet up with our meta to play some Warmachine and Hordes like we do most Sundays. I played Durst again, but against Kyle and Caine. It was such a long game, about 3 hours long. it came down to me having four models on the table and him having I think five models left. It was me trying to clear the zone and Kyle trying to shoot Durst. In the end Kyle got me and he won. Thanks to Durst’s feat my jacks were untouched again for one round. The Reckoner died but the other two lived to see Durst die.

So far Durst is pretty freaking awesome and fun to play. I will win with him soon. Now that we have a table at our house I will make Trent play a lot more. lol. Also means that I get to buy and make terrain pieces for the table. Post about that later if I remember.


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