Post Lock and Load 2015

As you could see on my other two posts, I got to meet some amazing ladies, I got recognized by someone who follows my blog and I got to meet some amazing people. Everyone knows that once you are friends on Facebook you are friends in real life. Seriously though, so many great people to meet at the con. This is going to be my longest post yet.

As for my events I was signed up for, that went to shit. I ended up only playing board games and watching others play Warmachine and Hordes. I feel like I like myself down because I did not make myself play. There is always next year, right? Speaking of watching others play, the guys that came with me from my meta played in the first masters event. Tanner ended up doing the best and making it to the finals. We are all happy for him. In the finals he ended up dropping, he went 1-2. So many others dropped after the first round of finals. I guess if you can’t win them all there is no point. Good for Tanner for sticking it out longer. Like always I am super proud of Trent. He was 3-1 in masters. He ended losing the last round to Ryan C. He was bummed out, but he did play one of the best players in the game from what I hear. I know Trent will be able to kick butt and take names next time. Then there is Tony and Chris. Chris dropped after the second round. I would of to if I wasn’t having fun either. Tony played through to the end, he went 2-2, he lost his last round to Jason F.


image     image(psh Tony, Flipping us off)

While the guys were in masters Friday Kylie and I stood in line for the store to buy all the new shiny, play board games and went pin hunting. There were a lot more fun items this year. There were  Shredder plushys , faction coffee mugs and some sweet finger nail ait stickers. We both brought most of the pins we wanted at the store, but we also traded and got a few for just being awesome. We both got the rare Chibi Skarre and the Chibi Xerxis. While in line this is where we met our new friends. Amy, Jason and Andrew. Sadly I can not remember the others name. Andrew is where we got Xerxis from. He has a sweet vest of pins. Amy and Jason are from Canada and they made playing board games so much fun. If you are reading this,thank you all for hanging with us.

CG6eXCXUIAE4AvN_003                   image

image  (Silly Faces)            image

Like the last post I met Allie from Allie Cat Cosplay, Marisha Ray and Arielle. Arielle also does cosplay, although she didn’t not for this con. All three ladies were great people to meet. Marisha’s eye got hurt while changing into Skarre. I hope her eye feels better soon, I know how much it hurts when your eye gets cut.

Thank you for pictures and signing them for me. I felt like a totally fan girl.

image             image

I got to play The Undercity. It was pretty fun.You play as a team to beat down the bad guys. I do have to say, do not play it if you are tired. It was hard to pay attention. For our first game we won. It comes out in September 2015. You can buy it early if you go to Pax or Gen Con this year. The game I enjoyed the most was Infernal Contraption. It was fast, easy and cutthroat which is why I liked it and played it so much. Heap and Bodger Mania were not that fun to me. I mean I enjoyed playing them but how can you beat cutthroat. Played Zombies keep out again this year. Last year I got to play it with DC. In Iron Arena you got points for playing board games, so I still got points and sweet 10th Hordes Anniversary dice.  I actually got something from my points this year. Unlike last year by the time I went to turn in my points everything I could afford was gone.

     image       infernal contraption   zombies keep out

They had more statues this year which was pretty freaking sweet. Had a Cygnar Ironclad, a Khador Man-0-War Shock Trooper and Trolls Hunters Grim Krump. I can’t wait till next year. More great times to come.

image              image                                                    image         image

Also I can not forget that I finally got the Exemplar Errants right before we left. I feel bad, because Trent took the time to put them together and put them in foam so I could play them while at the con. As I speak he is putting Durst together for me. He is also going to fix some models I broke while showing them off. I’m a lucky girl I do not have to put my own stuff together lol.


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