Cosplay #LnL2015


Allie and Marisha were so nice. I really enjoyed talking to both of them. And they also really inspired me to actually do a cosplay for one of my favorite characters of war machine, Feora. Talking with Marsha she seemed that me dressing up was awesome and told me that we need more girls interested in this kind of thing and I totally agree with her. With this blog, working at a game store and being passionate about all types of games I’m already way on that Road.


imageAllie as Allison Jakes.

imageMarisha as Skarre

And I also wanted to thank immunity to cold for recognizing me at lock and load. It made me feel really awesome and proud of myself. And I hope that they actually read it and enjoy my thoughts and my rambles.


One thought on “Cosplay #LnL2015

  1. You were recognized?! That’s fantastic! I hope when I become a super thin health nut I’ll be recognized too. I’m so down with cosplaying with you! Let’s talk about it when you get home. I think I could pull off a Kaya!

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