Zombicide KickStarter/ Getting ready for Lock and Load


I finally got my Zombicide season 3 kickstarter this last Saturday. I havent opened anything yet. The promos I kind of wanna leave sealed and wait to play them. Let’s see how long that will last. LOL.

I am pretty excited to go through and play a big game. I have way more heroes now than I do zombies.

If I can get enough people together I would like to get a team game going. Like two team with 5-6 players each and something like 15-20 tiles. It would be crazy, but super fun.

I looked on ebay and man there are a lot of people who put there stuff up for sale. What is the point of buying it if you didn’t plan on using it at all. The only reason I sell my games is because I some how need extra money or I haven’t played a game in like a year. Granted its hard to play board games something times, but I try to only buy games that I actually plan on playing. That is me. I will for sure take pictures of any models I paint, there is a lot but oh well. Also pictures of any games that I play.


For Lock and Load, we leave this thursday about 7pm. Lock and Load is June 5-7.  Friday I plan on getting up pretty early so I can go stand in line. The store opens up at 10am but I plan on being there like an hour/ hour and a half early. I wanna make sure I can get stuff and none of my events are on Friday so why not use part of that day to buy new things. Let’s be honest I’m more looking forward to the new pins. The pin hunt will be on and I will bother the staff more than last year so I can make sure I get the good stuff lol.

As said in an earlier post I am signed up for 3 events, but I am not doing all 3. I think I have decided to do speedmachine on Sunday. One of my goals this year was to play more than one person I do not know. So the event will take care of that and any games I play in the Iron Arena. Saturday I would like to play a team game in Iron Arena with the boyfriend. It sounds really fun to me and we have never played with each other, only against. It should be fun. Speaking of the boyfriend I hope he does just as well or even better than he did at AdeptiCon. Of course the rest of the group going with us to do great in masters as well. I believe our group this year is, me, Trent, Tanner, Kylie, Tony and Chris. I’m excited another girl is going. I will make sure I take a good amount of photos, cause why not lol. Anyways I will post something after the trip to share the fun or bad times I had.


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