Shut Up and Take my Money! 2

black plague

It was announced that there will be a Kickstarter for Black Plague starting next month (June 2015).There seems to be a lot of changes this go around and I am pretty stoked.

This time all of the figures will come in a grey plastic. For the tile maps they are adding in vaults. So, there will be secret pathways to help you get around the board faster. The heroes in this one have more wounds/ hit points, they will have 3 instead of 2 and they will get armor saves against zombies. So, killing zombies may seem easier this go around, but they are not. There will be sorcerers that will spawn like a normal zombie, but they themselves will become a spawn point.

The Equipment cards changed as well. There are of course no guns, but spells have been added. The ranged attacks do not hit heroes first and all melee weapons can try to open doors. It will be harder to hit abominations. Guess instead of the Molotov there will be a Dragon Bile and a Torch.

I am looking forward to this new version to come out. I am a huge Zombicide fan. I think that because there are so many free missions online and a bunch of different expansions and zombie types. To me it makes for a good team building game. Although in Rue Morgue you can do team vs team, which I have not done yet. I am waiting for my Kickstarter 3 stuff to get to me so I can make my own missions and all sorts of things. I have seen people post the that they have gotten theirs, which makes me sad and jealous. Oh well, mine will be here before I know it.


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