Saeryn vs Severius

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I played my buddy Schmidt Sunday. I did not win, I tried my best. I had to proxy the guardian, because he kept falling off his base. So, the crusader stepped in.

I should have paid more attention to where my models were placed toward the end. I could have maybe stopped him from getting more scenarios points and winning. Instead of leaving my reckoner where he was, I should have moved him an inch and touched the zone. My daughters jammed him up for a turn, which helped me out. I ran them to get in front of two of his war beasts. I am still trying to figure out how to use them. I got the most use out of the daughters this game then I have any other game so far. That makes me happy, they didn’t just die without doing anything.  My zealots did alright as well. They held the zone for a few turns and killed his gobbers crew, before being killed. The poor avatar got stuck and didn’t get to really do anything. He had no chance, dang Saeryn’s feat lol. At the end Schmidt had to push the covenant out of the zone with his Angelius and Saeryn had to charge and kill one of my vassals to win.

I don’t feel I forgot that much doing this game. Well I forgot to give focus to my jacks one turn, but it didn’t hurt me to bad. Even though it felt like a semi fast game, it was pretty fun.

image    image

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