Board Game Fun


This past weekend a group of friends and I played some games this weekend. Trent, Tanner, Kylie, Nick, Chris, Victor, Shawn, Davis, Trevor and I. We played Super Dungeon forgotten King, the resistance and avalon. Super Dungeon was fun at first, I played ninja cola again. Man that model is so freaking adorable. With 6 people it takes much longer and during the two hours we played we only cleared two tiles. so we called it, also more people showed up and some left so we started the resistance. First time playing that. That was so much freaking fun. It is on my buy list now. How well can you lie and how well can your friends trust you. Great times. Playing Avalon we only had six people. Which was fun but it definitely is a 8-10 person game. Makes me wish there was a Star Wars version of Avalon. I think that would be awesome. Have to have another gaming day like this soon. I miss playing board games.



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