I signed up for my lock and load 2015 events today. I was little worried because I was working at the time and some customers came in right as it turned 2. But my boss took care of them so I could go register.I didn’t get into any of the iron kingdoms role-playing unleashed adventures sadly. I’m on the waitlist. I first accidentally signed up for hard-core and if you know me I am not ready for hard-core. So, I went back through and signed up for spell draft, token aggression and speed machine. I don’t know if I’ll play all three because that means I would get like an hour sleep, maybe. But I’m looking forward to spell draft and I’m kind of excited for speed machine. Although speed machine kind of intimidates me, because I’m not always that fast during my turns. I also accidentally signed up for zombie survivor series. I don’t think I’m actually going to do it, since it was an accident and it starts toward the end of spell draft. 

Now this means I need lots of practice so I can hopefully do well during lock and load.

My sign-ups are spell draft June 6 at 9 AM. Token aggression June 6 at 8 PM. Speed machine June 7 at 9 AM. 

But like I said I probably won’t do all three, because that would be a little insane. So spell draft and speed machine will more likely be it.


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