Played a couple of games of Zombicide Wednesday with Trent and Kylie. We used my new dog companions. They were fun, I can see them being really useful in large games. They can search for you, give you melee bonus and attack for you.  Man I can’t wait for the rest of my kickstarter stuff to come in. Got a email stating that some people in the usa will get their stuff soon but not all. I hope I am one of those people. I know everyone wants their stuff too, so I hope everyone gets their stuff soon.

Also at my game store the zombicide game night 3 kits came in. Looking forward to that as well. New character and special missions. The last two were pretty fun. This time some friends and I want to do it by ourselves vs at the store because it’s not as fun to play with a bunch of people you have not met before or have no clue how to play the game.

Last my visit with my brothers was great. We didn’t end up playing board games, but we played pool. Went to the zoo, saw some giraffes trying to do it. That was gross, left that area right away. Also went to the aquarium and got to feed some string rays. They felt so weird and made weird noses when they ate.it was awesome. What a great day.


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