March 30, 2015

First off I’m excited, because my older brother Luke came into town last night. I have not seen him since August 2008. It was a great surprise. Today is his birthday, sadly I have to work a 12 hour shift today. I am lucky my boss is awesome and is taking my shift tomorrow so I can spend time with my brother. He is not a nerd at all, so I am going to see if I can’t get him to play some sort of game with me. lol. 

There is a tournament coming up April 11th at my local game store for warmachine and Hordes. I am making myself do it. The only way I can get better is to play more. I have no idea what I will be playing, it will be a 50 point list. I doubt I will do to well during the tournament, just because there are better players out there than me. My hope/ goal is not to get last place.  I have two weeks to figure out what I will be playing. Feora is my favorite so I will most likely end up playing her. We shall see. I will give an update with the list I will be playing and how the tournament went for me. 


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