I did not go to AdepitCon this year, but I wanted to brag about my boyfriend. Trent played in the Warmachine/Hordes Masters Tournament with his Khador and he placed 4th(out of like 105 people). I am very proud of him and happy for him. Currently I am waiting for him to get home. His flight was delayed which sucks. lol. Shake my fist at you Chicago, you and your 5 inches of snow.  Until he comes home I will not have fun stories to share. He did tell me he got me the zombicide dog companions(which is out of stock everywhere) and the Chibi High Executioner Servath Reznik pin that I have been wanting. When Lock n Load comes I will get more pins. I got a lot last year. Yay for being a pretty female gamer. 

Also the answer is simple, Idaho is OP. 

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