Tristan Durant

jr unpainted

I am starting to paint again. I want a fully painted army, for the things I actually play with. Tristan took me a little longer to paint than normal. First I was to far away from the model when I primed,so parts of him have a rough look and feel to him. I was too lazy to start over lol. After I primed him, he fell off my night stand which is only about 3 feet from the floor. When I picked him up he was cover in my dogs hair and his sword was bent. When I was picking off the dog hair his arms fell off and I dropped him again. I know, I need to be more careful. I hear it all to often. 

After he fell apart, I took him to my boyfriend to have him fix Tristan. He fixes and puts together all my models. I Like I said I need to be more careful, I hear it way to often. After Tristan was fixed I started painting him this week and finished last night.  I do not think he is that great looking. After I saw the pictures I posted on our meta’s Facebook I could see a few mistakes. I didn’t take a picture after I fixed him for the final time, I forgot to. Some of the guys said Tristan looked pretty good though. 

jr unwashedFullSizeRender


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