Faction ADD

First off I only play Protectorate of Menoth. For me having more than one faction seems crazy, right now. Part of it, is that I am cheap. I still haven’t got all the models I need/want for the faction I already have. I don’t see a point to buy models that I don’t need. The other part of it is, I am still learning the game and how to use the models in the best way. Do not get me wrong, some of the other factions are intriguing. Until I play all the models I already own and get the models I need for my current faction, I am not spending any money on another faction. Unless it is a present. I still have a box of models I have never played before. Some of them are not even put together or need to be fixed really badly. I traded my dark eldar for my warmachine. 

If I ever do feel like I am getting faction ADD, then I could always see if my boyfriend would let me borrow one of his. I think he has like four different ones. He was even talking about getting another one. Most of the guys in our meta have two or more factions. That is a lot of time and money in my eyes. To be fair I have a shoe problem so I do understand the whole buying stuff you don’t totally need. LOL. But still. My shoes are like 30-40 bucks each and a new faction is in the hundred. One of our meta’s Pg’s, is getting me a few models. So, thanks to Mike I will be one two steps closer to completing my faction.

 Hey, if it is something you enjoy then isn’t it kind of priceless to a point. 

I think that some people who do have faction ADD, is because they don’t feel challenged anymore. Maybe it is because having two factions is even more of a challenged, or that the current faction doesn’t have the right appeal they were looking for. With that sad, I  still feel challenged. I am still learning and growing. Finding different models and spells I like. For me one faction is enough. But, IF I do ever get good enough I might want a new challenge. I am sure that will be awhile. One of my goals for 2015 is to try to make it in the top five of a local tournament. Wish me luck. 


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