Gut Bustin’ Games


Today for work was supposed to demo this game. Let’s be honest, I haven’t even learned how to play it myself, other plans got in the way. Luckily no asked to play it yet. It does sound like a game I would like to actually play with my friends. So I guess I should learn it. It is made by the same people who made Redneck Life and Trailer Park Wars. Which I own both of them.

Redneck Life is the redneck version of the Game of Life. The person with the most teeth and the least amount of debt at the end of the game wins. The rules are so simple, you can just pick it up and go. I have played this game many times. Best part is that all the vehicle and house pictures in the game are real. They had people send in pictures of redneck looking places and vehicle and send them in. The expansion gives a different set of rules. The new set of rules are more brutal.

Trailer Park Wars is about running your own Trailer Park, because we all know it is everyones dream. This game is fun, but you wanna play with at least 3 people. You win by having the most flamingos. You can play natural disasters and action cards to ruin or move trailers/tenants. Place bad tenants in other parks so that they lose flamingos. If you want a silly fun game I would choose one of these games.


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