Zombicide is one of my favorite board games. I did not get into to it until after Prison Break Season 2 came out. Which I think is a little funny is that I own Zombicide base game, Toxic City Mall, Rue Morgue and Angry Neighbors. I do not own Prison Break.  I have played all but Angry Neighbors because I am still waiting for the rest of my Kick starter to show up. I can not wait till it gets here just like the rest of you who got into it.

Season 3 makes it more  a PVP type of game. Where teams can play against each other. Where the other ones are more of everyone working as one team vs zombies to complete a goal rather than team vs team vs zombies.

If you like board games and have not played it, I do recommend that you do. The price is a little more up there but it is a good game that has good replay to it. Also the creators created so much to add on to it. From special mission, special characters, special weapons to making your own. Because of this I am going to start a campaign once the rest of season 3 gets to me. I will come up with missions and experience points. Let my players make their own characters. I am very excited and can not wait.


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